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All music composed and performed by Celso Machado. This recording captures the musical essence of Celso's live solo performances in which he transports his audiences through the richness and diversity of Brazilian music, and beyond. In his studies and travels he has discovered parallels with the music of S.Italy, N.E. Brazil, the Egyptian Maqsoum and Brazilian Baião, the Moroccan Gnawa rhythm and the Afoxé and Samba. Celso incorporates these influences into his own sound, his own unique contribution to the ongoing evolution of Brazilian music.
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This recording emphasizes the Afro-Brazilian inspiration and can be classed as a bridge of reminiscence between Africa and America.Though Celso reaches far into world music traditions, his music remains firmly rooted in the rhythms and melodic traditions of Brazil. Jonge Le pays homage to the Afro-Brazilian culture and magically retraces the historical journey of his ancestors. References to Candomble, the use of the Nago-Yoruba language, dedications to the Gnawa and the Congolese Nkibi combine the memory between Africa and the Americas.Features Qiu Xia on Chinese pipa.
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Pianist Jovino Santos Neto and guitarist Richard Boukas transport the listener into a lush sonic world of driving Brazilian Grooves, impassioned improvisations and brilliant compositions, including those from Brazilian legend Hermeto Pascoal. Balaio ("basket" in Portuguese) presents an intimate duo setting, two consummate musicians whose creative potential and vision transcend any categorical definition of music-bringing us the best of what Brazilian jazz has to offer..Rick Warm. Boukas' compositions blend traditional idioms with Bebop, Chopin and Debussy-influences which have long been a part of Brazilian contemporary music.
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Jovino's Quinteto was formed in 1994. Ao Vivo En Olympia raw and pure live recording yetsophisticated. Harvey Wainapel on reeds features his beefy clarinet sounds on the samba "Mendanha" and the choro "Intrigas no Boteco do Pahilha". Playing with time signatures is a favourite pastime of this band, march-like "Maracatres" shifts from traditional 2/4 to 3/4; the perky "Jujuba" is a baiao in 7/4. Jovino is most "Hermeto-like" on his composition "Macae". Hearing this album would make you want to hear them live.
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Check The Beans,a collaboration between Jill Russell on flute and alto sax and Heather Davis on vocals, is a great, fresh, innovative collection of contemporary Brazilian jazz. Produced by Jovino Santos Neto and featuring Celso Machado on guitar and voice, the album floats with grace and confidence. Heather Davis' vocals and Jill's improvisations enhance the jazz sounds woven into the music, with a definite Brazilian impact. With Eduardo "Beajoux" Barbosa, Six-string bass and Claudio Slon on drums, the album delivers the goods as Brazilian Jazz.

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